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Answer the questions according to the reading

Alcohol And Women Infertility

Alcohol consumption may be linked to a women's risk of infertility, say researches supported by the National Institute of Child Health. In a study of nearly 6000 women, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health looked at Data from those evaluated at seven infertility clinics. After adjusting for other factors that could affect results, such as age and cigarette smoking, researchers found a strong association between alcohol (more than the equivalent of seven cans of beer a week) and infertility due to ovulation problems. The inability to conceive was about 30 percent more likely to occur in women who drank moderately and about 60 percent more likely in women who drank heavily.

1. The researchers supported by the National Institute of Child Health ----.

A) took care of women who're suffering from alcohol
B) have spent a lot of money on fertility
C) have been victims of infertility
D) said alcohol may affect women's fertility
E) have also worked for Harvard University

2. According to the passage, one can assume that women who are infertile, ----.

A) possibly drink more than seven cans of beer a week
B) are students at Harvard university
C) smoked a lot of cigarettes when they were very young
D) used to go hospitals because of serious problems
E) really don't like babies and some of them hate babies

3. The passage tells us that ----.

A) smoking is not as harmful as alcohol
B) a lot of researches have been done on smoking
C) we are unaware of the side-effects of infertility
D) beer is also a kind of alcohol
E) women who drink heavily have the risk of infertility

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