EFL Grammar Practice Tests

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The other team was lucky that our star striker was injured;......, we would have beaten them easily.

A) opposite
B) except for
C) otherwise
D) likewise
E) in contrast

2. Doreen worked ....... after a year, she had a nervous breakdown.

A) so hard that
B) such a hard
C) as hard as
D) the hardest
E) harder than

3. If you ...... economics to degree level, you ...... something about the workings of a market economy.

A) have studied / should understand
B) will study / have understood
C) would study / had understood
D) studied / used to understand
E) study / may have understood

4. My aunt wants to settle in Didim, in southwestern Turkey, and spend .... of her life there.

A) the most
B) such
C) the rest
D) anymore
E) every

5. I wonder how people......with all the housework before all the electrical appliances available today.......

A) were coping / have been invented
B) could cope / were invented
C) would be coping / had invented
D) have coped / are invented
E) had to cope / would be invented

6. I couldn't believe......higher the prices had got during the time I was abroad.

A) so
B) such
C) much more
D) a little
E) how much

7. When you walk past the cinema, you will see.......old white building on your left; that is.......house where my parents live.

A) the / —
B) some / any
C) — / the
D) any / a
E) an / the

8. ...... class Is angry at the teacher because of her strict homework policy.

A) Some
B) Several
C) The whole
D) Enough of
E) Most of

9. While Shirley Jackson wrote one of the most famous stories of the 20th century, she is not known for much else,......?

A) Is it
B) is she
C) did she
D) has it
E) didn't she

10. The marriage counsellor advised Andy and Flo......and resolve their differences......things out.

A) to try / by talking
B) having tried / with talking
C) tried / to be talking
D) trying / having talked
E) try / to have talked

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