TOEFL Grammar - Modals V3

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

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1. You......better care of yourself, and you......sick.

A) used to take / ought not to have gotten
B) must have taken / shouldn't have gotten
C) would have taken / hadn't better gotten
D) would rather take / must have gotten
E) should have taken / wouldn't have gotten

2. I can't find my wallet anywhere, at home.

A) should have left
B) have to leave
C) could leave
D) must have left ,
E) used to leave

3. Since you can't find your wallet, I guess I......for dinner.

A) have had to pay
B) will have to pay
C) should have paid
D) would be paying
E) was paying

4. Some consequences of the disaster ......if the government......better prepared for it.

A) ought to be avoided / was going to be
B) must have avoided / used to be
C) may have avoided / has been
D) will be avoided / will have been
E) could have been avoided / had been

5. Jim is studying mechanical engineering but .......creative writing because he is a great writer.

A) should have been studying
B) could have be studying
C) must have been studying
D) had been studying
E) will have been studying

6. You......languages when you are young, because the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to learn.

A) might have studied
B) would study
C) will have studied
D) must have studied
E) ought to study

7. According to statistics, humans now sleep on average about 2 hours less every night than they......a century ago.

A) should have
B) must
C) ought to
D) could have
E) used to

8. Before you started studying Byzantine history, you...... medieval Greek so that you......the primary sources.

A) should have learned / could read
B) had better learn / were able to read
C) might be learning / can read
D) would rather learn / read
E) used to learn / have been reading

9. Madeleine's mobile phone is off, be disturbed.

A) has not wanted
B) shouldn't want
C) must not want
D) ought not to have wanted
E) doesn't have to want

10. to the party, but you were out of town.

A) must have invited
B) will invite
C) had to invite
D) would have invited
E) would rather invite

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