English Grammar Tests 16

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Manufacturing ---- rapidly in Egypt since the 1950's, when the government ---- a leading role in promoting industrialization.

were increased / had taken
increased / took
has been increased / has taken
will increase / take
has increased / took

2. We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while ---- judge us by what we have already done.

the other
the others

3. According to a recent survey, people who pay more for their vehicles drive ---- responsibly ---- others.

such / that
much / than
too / as
more / than
so / as

4. Some inhabitants were strictly opposed ---- the highway after Benjamin Franklin.

having named
to have named
to name
to naming

5. If the workers ---- a few hours per shift in the airlocks, instead of just 20 minutes, adjusting to normal air pressure, then none of the deaths or illnesses ---- .

had spent / wouldn’t have occurred
didn’t spend / would be occurred
would spend / occurred
were spent / would occur
had spent / would have occurred

6. A computer is a complex piece of machinery made up of many parts, ---- can be considered a separate invention.

all of them
each of whom
each of which

7. ---- numerous experiments carried out by the scientists, nobody knows how much the earth’s oceans would rise If the terrestrial poles were to melt.

Due to the fact that
On account of

8. Since the conclusion of World War I, called “the war to end all wars", international organizations ---- to prevent the outbreak of new wars.

have developed
were developed
will develop
had developed
have been developed

9. Some claim that, the best teachers are ----that have many different ways of teaching the same lesson, whereas ---- claim that a good teacher should adopt only one teaching method.

the ones / the others
the one / one another
one / other
the ones / others
ones / the other

10. According to a recent report, women have more nerve receptors, which cause them to feel pain ---- than men.

much intense
less intensely
more intensely
the most intense

11. ---- and held prisoner for three days, sixteen-year-old boy was finally rescued by the police.

To be kidnapped
Having kidnapped
To have been kidnapped
Having been kidnapped
To have kidnapped

12. ---- had her boy friend left her in the lurch ---- she decided to start everything from scratch with someone else.

Hardly / than
No sooner / than
Not only / but also
Both / and
Neither / nor

13. The era known as the Industrial Revolution was a period ---- fundamental changes occurred in agriculture, textile, transportation and the social structure in England.

in which
of which

14. Even when an employer is sure that an employee of ---- is really talented, he can’t certainly say that he will handle ---- job well.

him / his
their / them
his / his
theirs / his
his / their

15. Despite many catastrophic earthquake experiences we have experienced so far, most of us still don’t know ---- to do in such a situation.


16. There are many rumors in the company, the most irritating ---- is that it can go bankrupt within a month.

of which
to whom

17. Now that you can’t find another job, I am sure you now wish you hadn’t resigned, ----?

hadn't you
did you
will you
won't I
don't you

18. ---- general, criminals tend to deny every charge they are accused ----.

On / to
With / by
To / with
In / of
For / for

19. The village ---- I was born in 1957 has got many historical places.


20. The President of the United States is concerned about the difficulties of communicating the risk of using the heavily polluted floodwater to people who may ----bottled water.

run out of
come across
look like
take on
pass out

Score =
Correct answers:

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