Reading Comprehension 35

Reading Comprehension Worksheet - Poisonous Snakes

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Answer the questions according to the reading

Poisonous Snakes

The most dangerous animals on the North American continent, by a margin of 1000 to one, are not bears, mountain lions or wolves but poisonous snakes. Attacks occur far more frequently than most people suspect; 6500 to 7000 humans are bitten by venomous snakes in the United States each year. Fortunately, the death rate from snakebite is low, largely because of widespread knowledge about snakes and the fact that in most cases treatment is prompt. Yet for the victims, even though they survive, the ordeal is a dreadful experience sometimes resulting weeks or months of illness, permanent crippling, the loss of a hand or foot, or other lasting handicaps.

1. The North American continent ----.

A) has the most dangerous animal in the world
B) suffers much from wolves than bears
C) cannot bear mountain lions and wolves
D) is usually subject to poisonous snake attacks
E) can guess the time of attacks of snakes

2. The death rate from snakebite ----.

A) is quite high despite the well-informed people
B) cannot be estimated by citizens in America
C) created much more problems due to lack of knowledge
D) deterred people not to go out during the day
E) is considered to be small regarding the number of bites

3. According to the passage, snakebite ----.

A) doesn't need immediate treatment
B) usually causes death
C) is a sort of danger for people
D) has only about 6500 victims
E) only creates illness

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