Structure and Written Expression

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The anticipation ---- biological and chemical weapons would be used caused unprecedented stress for the troops.

A) which
B) that
C) where
D) why
E) when

2. The illness we call a "cold" is not related to ---- appropriately you dress for the outside temperature.

A) what
B) when
C) how
D) which
E) why

3. In ancient times, thieves were punished severely by cutting the hand ---- was used while stealing from the wrist.

A) whose
B) which
C) who
D) when
E) where

4. Everyone needs ---- down by having a family because it is important for civilization to continue.

A) to settle
B) settling
C) being settled
D) to settling
E) having settled

5. It is not right to burden a friend with a problem ---- you can solve yourself.

A) whom
B) why
C) who
D) that
E) whose

6. Mother Theresa dedicated her life for those ---- were iii, poor and lived on the streets of Calcutta.

A) where
B) who
C) when
D) whom
E) which

7. The television and motion picture industries fail ---- the dangers of drug abuse accurately.

A) to be portrayed
B) having portrayed
C) to portray
D) being portrayed
E) to have been portrayed

8. I seem to remember that the last time we met I did most of talking, so perhaps I should let you ---- the talking this time.

A) to have done
B) do
C) to do
D) doing
E) having done

9. Archaeologists are planning ---- the mummy of Tutankhamen to solve the mystery of his death.

A) removing
B) to be removed
C) having removed
D) to remove
E) being removed

10. Plan to study your most difficult or challenging classes during the time of the day ---- you are most alert.

A) which
B) whose
C) when
D) whom
E) who

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