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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The new grading system ---- universities are trying to adapt resulted in many protests.

A) which
B) that
C) where
D) why
E) when

2. One day you will understand ---- fortunate you are for having me.

A) what
B) when
C) how
D) which
E) why

3. We always need ---- where they came from and how they did it.

A) to remembering
B) to remember
C) remembering
D) for remembering
E) for remember

4. I would have understood you if you ---- why you wanted to move out.

A) had explained
B) explaining
C) have explained
D) will explain
E) explained

5. I have ---- friends in town, so I feel lonely from time to time.

A) little
B) a little
C) a few
D) few
E) whose

6. I have ---- patience left, so you need to stop complaining.

A) a little
B) little
C) a few
D) few
E) many

7. I got into a cab quickly because I ---- by two strange men. As soon as I got into the cab, I ---- a little safer.

A) was following / felt
B) have followed / have felt
C) was being followed / felt
D) had been following / felt
E) was followed / had felt

8. My wife always complains about what I buy so I just let her ---- the shopping.

A) to have done
B) do
C) to do
D) doing
E) having done

9. I don't want to have my tooth ----, I hate dentists.

A) to be extracted
B) having extracted
C) being extracted
D) extracted
E) to extract

10. We didn't know that a second bridge ----, otherwise we would have gone through the new one.

A) built
B) is built
C) had been built
D) would be built
E) would have been built

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