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TOEFL Paper Based Test (PBT) Structure and Written Expression section is based on grammar questions that are similar to the ones here. Free online exam preparation resources for ESL EFL students here will help you prepare for the structure section of TOEFL. Practicing your grammar skills with several sample tests will improve your TOEFL exam performance.

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. There have been reported incidents where a drunk driver fled the scene of a collision ---- avoid a breathalyser test.

A) in case
B) in view of
C) so as to
D) although
E) however

2. We shall wear warm clothes when we go camping in October ---- we don't get cold.

A) in case
B) in order to
C) so that
D) despite
E) because of

3. Although I cannot remember it ----, my parents say that I used to sing in the car on long journeys when I was about four years old.

A) me
B) each other
C) myself
D) one another's
E) us

4. If you do not want ---- people in the office to read a file of ----, you have to put a password on your computer.

A) other / yours
B) the other / you
C) some others / yours
D) others / yours
E) the others / you

5. By the time we ---- a solution to the problem, we ---- on it for at least five straight hours.

A) have found / had been working
B) find / will be working
C) find / have been working
D) found / had been working
E) found / were working

6. John ---- the will to overcome the addiction when he tried to stop smoking; otherwise he would have quit it.

A) ought to lack
B) should lack
C) needn't have lacked
D) can't have lacked
E) must have lacked

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7. The exact nature of the internal mechanism, which --- by daily, monthly, or annual cyclical changes in the environment, ---- yet.

A) affected / hasn't been understood
B) is affected / hasn't been understood
C) was affected / hadn't understood
D) is affected / hadn't been understood
E) had affected / hasn't been understood

8. ---- the fact that the results were far from being satisfactory, the researchers decided to collect new data.

A) Due to
B) Since
C) In spite of
D) However
E) Hence

9. This sculpture is believed ---- in the 151st century in memory of a priest.

A) having made
B) to be made
C) being made
D) to have been made
E) having been made

10. The students denied ---- any instructions by the invigilator as to how to do the listening part in the exam.

A) to be given
B) being given
C) giving
D) having given
E) to have been given

11. When people talk about the cities of Japan, the first ---- comes into mind is Tokyo.

A) where
B) who
C) when
D) whom
E) that

12. US authorities have seized a long-lost painting by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso ---- by Nazis during World War 2.

A) robbing
B) to rob
C) robbed
D) to have robbed
E) having robbed

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