TOEFL Practice Grammar Questions

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. People ---- the Earth was flat until Aristotle ---- that it was not.

A) believed / was proving
B) had believed / proved
C) had believed / would prove
D) have believed / proved
E) believed / had proved

2. Ever since I stopped working, I ---- to save money by ---- at home.

A) have tried / having being cooked
B) am trying / cooking
C) have tried / cook
D) tried / cooking
E) have been trying / cooking

3. My girlfriend and I ---- to find the right agent who ---- us find the perfect home.

A) had tried / has help
B) were trying / will help
C) will have tried / will help
D) have been trying / will help
E) are trying / will have helped

4. He ---- the one who crashed your car yesterday, he was with me the whole time.

A) may have been
B) must have been
C) shouldn't have been
D) can't have been
E) may not have been

5. Computer records ---- that they ---- us before the product was shipped.

A) showed / had paid
B) has shown / have paid
C) had shown / will pay
D) showed / would be paid
E) were showing / have paid

6. Every time we go there, we take a lot of pictures ---- we take a drive along the beach to see the surfers.

A) so that
B) as
C) whereas
D) even if
E) lest

7. All inclusive resorts are best for families with kids, ---- unmarried couples.

A) as well as
B) so as to
C) consequently
D) thereby
E) notwithstanding

8. Andriy Shevchenko, ---- goals I have watched over and over, was a legendary soccer player.

A) which
B) whose
C) where
D) what
E) who

9. This is the place ---- James inadvertently had his first kiss.

A) which
B) what
C) where
D) that
E) whose

10. It is very distracting if the students chatter around while the teacher ----.

A) would lecture
B) were lecturing
C) drove
D) is lecturing
E) will lecture

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