TOEFL Grammar Questions

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Space exploration and underground mining both take place in extreme environments so ---- is not too surprising that technology developed for one field is now being applied to ----.

A) each / another
B) it / the other
C) that / the others
D) either / each other
E) this / one another

2. Since September 11, 2001, companies that ship goods, and other businesses involved in ocean transport ---- millions of dollars coordinating their security efforts.

A) were spending
B) would have spent
C) had been spending
D) are being spent
E) have spent

3. We ---- for three years for something to happen that ---- our situation.

A) had waited / has improved
B) were waiting / will improve
C) will have waited / will improve
D) have been waiting / will improve
E) are waiting / will have improved

4. Drivers over 65 have experience, but ---- physical and sensory capabilities.

A) would be diminishing
B) must be diminished
C) were to diminish
D) may have diminished
E) could be diminished

5. The conversation between the airport control tower and pilots ••••that the plane ---- approval to land before it crashed.

A) revealed / had received
B) has revealed / has received
C) had revealed / will receive
D) revealed / would be received
E) was revealing / has received

6. The human brain goes through several large-scale changed ---- the individual progresses from embryo through to old age.

A) so that
B) as
C) whereas
D) even if
E) lest

7. Second-hand smoke is the exhaled smoke from the lungs of a smoker, ---- the smoke that disperses from a lit cigarette, cigar, or pipe.

A) as well as
B) so as to
C) consequently
D) thereby
E) notwithstanding

8. Jack London, ---- works deal romantically with the overwhelming power of nature and struggle for survival, was a prolific American novelist and short story writer.

A) which
B) whose
C) where
D) what
E) who

9. Parents can learn to create an environment ---- their child can grow and thrive in a more resourceful and less stressful manner.

A) which
B) what
C) where
D) that
E) whose

10. Cell phones are dangerous when people use them while they ---- cars.

A) would drive
B) were driving
C) drove
D) are driving
E) will drive

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