TOEFL Grammar Test Practice 4

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. I bought myself a new set of tools ---- I am going to build a new home for Puffy.

A) which
B) when
C) with which
D) in which
E) where

2. Aristotle was among those ---- tried to prove the Earth was actually spherical and not flat.

A) whose
B) to whom
C) where
D) who
E) in which

3. Those are the kind of movies ---- many Americans would rate as mature.

A) which
B) where
C) in which
D) of which
E) whose

4. There are known to be total of eight planets in the Solar System ---- is the Earth.

A) which
B) that
C) through which
D) each of them
E) one of which

5. Eclipse is the event ---- tonight in North America.

A) that observed
B) which are observing
C) being observed
D) having observed
E) whom observed

6. I don't like ---- by a cop car ---- I am driving alone because it makes me nervous.

A) being followed / while
B) being followed / where
C) to follow / while
D) to be followed / that
E) to be following / when

7. ---- I decided not to have a carrier in English, I still want to learn it.

A) Despite
B) Although
C) Due to
D) Therefore
E) So that

8. She suddenly wants to get married, ---- moving out and finding a job in Michigan.

A) while
B) moreover
C) in addition to
D) including
E) in contrast

9. ---- we all know how poor his campaign was, he still won the election.

A) Because
B) In case
C) As long as
D) Ever since
E) Despite the fact that

10. The teacher advised us to go to every class and turn in our homework assignments timely ---- happens.

A) due to the fact that
B) accordingly
C) however
D) no matter what
E) whereas

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