TOEFL Grammar Test Practice

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Many people have devised methods ---- they have measured time.

A) which
B) when
C) with which
D) in which
E) where

2. An archaeologist has found an ancient Egyptian town in Israel ---- discovery suggests that Egyptian influence was wider than previously believed.

A) who
B) to whom
C) where
D) whose
E) in which

3. The suburbs are the places ---- many Americans moved to in the 1950s in the USA.

A) which
B) where
C) in which
D) of which
E) whose

4. Scientists are doing research on remote ecosystems, ---- is the Arctic tundra.

A) which
B) that
C) through which
D) each of them
E) one of which

5. There are many interesting events ---- in the night-time sky.

A) that observed
B) which are observing
C) being observed
D) having observed
E) whom observed

6. The years ---- World War 2 were the time ---- returning veterans started to buy houses.

A) following / when
B) followed / that
C) that follow / why
D) which was followed / which
E) being followed / whom

7. ---- penicillin continues to be used widely, some strains of bacteria have developed a resistance to the drug.

A) Despite
B) Although
C) Due to
D) Therefore
E) So that

8. In the 1700s, England taxed tea, ---- coffee and wine.

A) while
B) moreover
C) in addition to
D) including
E) in contrast

9. ---- Albert Einstein became famous mainly for his work on relativity, he received the Nobel Prize for his work on photoelectric law.

A) Because
B) In case
C) As long as
D) Ever since
E) Despite the fact that

10. ---- some people like a great deal of variety in their lives, i am happier when my schedule is quite routine.

A) Due to the fact that
B) No matter what
C) However
D) Whereas
E) Accordingly

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