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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. The couple had been saving up to buy ---- a house for a long time when they won the lottery.

A) on their own
B) themselves
C) theirs
D) their
E) they

2. By the time the UN task force ----, the rebel forces ---- the province.

A) arrived/ took
B) has arrived/ will take
C) arrived/ had taken
D) had arrived/ had taken
E) arrives/ have taken

3. I ---- the possibility of early retirement since the reorganization.

A) had looked into
B) looked into
C) was looking into
D) have been looking into
E) will be looking into

4. Despite being a mechanic, Mike ---- his car when it ---- yesterday.

A) may not fix / has broken
B) cannot fix / had broken
C) will not fix / breaks
D) might not fix / broke
E) couldn't fix / broke

5. --- often offering poor conditions and basic salaries, charities rarely have problems in recruiting staff.

A) Despite
B) Even though
C) Much as
D) Because of
E) Inasmuch as

6. One way of selecting candidates is a written test; o, an informal interview can often be more informative.

A) in addition to
B) as a result of this
C) on the other hand
D) consequently
E) hence

7. I used to live in one of those houses ---- have now been demolished.

A) where
B) that
C) of which
D) whose
E) why

8. The supermarket removed from the shelves all of its jars of tomato puree, several ---- were found to contain fragments of glass.

A) that
B) which
C) of which
D) of whose
E) whom

9. When he came home, my brother was unusually attentive, ---- made me very suspicious.

A) that
B) who
C) whom
D) which
E) what

10. We interviewed fourteen applicants for the post, none of ---- we thought suitable.

A) who
B) that
C) which
D) whose
E) whom

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