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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

1. The man denied all responsibility for the rumors ---- for some time.

A) to be circulating
B) have circulated
C) to being circulated
D) having been circulating
E) be circulated

2. We think the project, ---- relies on everyone making an effort, will be successful.

A) what
B) that
C) for which
D) which
E) where

3. He showed me round the town, ---- was very kind of him.

A) where
B) that
C) who
D) what
E) which

4. Fraud detectives are investigating the company, three of ---- senior executives have already been arrested.

A) which
B) that
C) whose
D) what
E) whom

5. I intentionally didn't have lunch ---- I would be hungry tonight.

A) so that
B) in case
C) hence
D) however
E) moreover

6. We were unable to get funding and ---- had to abandon the project.

A) therefore
B) notwithstanding
C) however
D) since
E) providing

7. You mustn't think that you can borrow it whenever you want to just ---- I'm lending you my dress for tonight.

A) due to
B) despite
C) yet
D) because
E) in case of

8. She has denied her family and refused to have any contact with them, ----?

A) hasn't she
B) isn't it
C) doesn't she
D) did she
E) wasn't it

9. When she ---- to boarding school, she felt as though her parents ---- her.

A) has been sent / have rejected
B) sent / had rejected
C) sent / rejected
D) was sent / had rejected
E) had been sent / have rejected

10. By the time I ---- the job advertised, it ---- too late to apply.

A) see / has been
B) had seen / has been
C) have seen / was
D) would see / had been
E) saw/ was

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