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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. ---- you don't like our new manager personally has nothing to do with the matter we are dealing now.

A) The tact that
B) What
C) If
D) How
E) When

2. We have to discriminate between ---- they really need the money or just being greedy.

A) if
B) that
C) the fact that
D) why
E) whether

3. Our teacher objected to ---- with his first name.

A) calling
B) call
C) having called
D) be calling
E) being called

4. The Prime Minister wanted ---- by the next generations and decided ---- some radical changes in the educational system.

A) to remember / to implement
B) remembering / implementing
C) to be remembered / to implement
D) having remembered / being implemented
E) to have remembered / to be implemented

5. The passengers ---- survived the accident said that the driver had been driving for a long time without having a rest, ---- caused the accident.

A) which / that
B) that / where
C) of whom / who
D) whom / when
E) who / which

6. --- about the exam results, the students were all happy ---- the exam.

A) To learn / passing
B) Having learned / to have passed
C) To be learned / being passed
D) Learned / to be passed
E) Having been learned / to being passed

7. As my parents cannot afford ---- at an expensive place, they are still searching ---- a nice and cheap hotel for their holiday.

A) to stay / to find
B) staying / to find
C) to stay / being found
D) staying / to be finding
E) to be staying / finding

8. The film ---- on television tonight ---- for Oscar in 1998.

A) shows / has been nominated
B) that shows / is nominated
C) shown / was nominated
D) that is shown / nominated
E) which was shown / had nominated

9. Although the hitchhiker seemed to be cold and tired, we hesitated ---- him a lift and pretended ---- him.

A) to give / not to see
B) to be giving / not seeing
C) having given / not see
D) to have given / not being seen
E) giving / not to have seen

10. The young man is said ---- an accident while ---- to London yesterday.

A) to cause / to drive
B) having caused / to drive
C) to be caused / being driven
D) to have caused / driving
E) to have been caused / driving

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