TOEFL Structure Test

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. The mayor pledged to find out ---- caused the blackout and to take steps to prevent future problems with large-scale power outages.

A) what
B) which
C) that
D) how
E) why

2. The study was to determine ---- or not there was a connection between gender and linguistic achievement.

A) what
B) why
C) how
D) that
E) whether

3. Jim ---- on the early flight the next morning, so he ---- his excuses and left the party before midnight.

A) was leaving / made
B) will leave / will make
C) leaves / had made
D) would leave / is going to make
E) has left / will make

4. Brendan ---- to find the gas tank empty as he ---- the truck only twice that week.

A) was surprised / had been using
B) is surprised / has used
C) has been surprised / would use
D) was surprised / had used
E) will be surprised / was using

5. Before the advent of satellite television viewers ---- a very wide selection of channels.

A) must not have
B) didn't use to have
C) needn't have
D) shouldn't have
E) might not have

6. It is high time the country ---- of the Prime Minister's intentions, isn't it?

A) had been told
B) were told
C) have been told
D) are told
E) will be told

7. When we have started the course, we needn't pay for the whole course in advance, ----?

A) don't we
B) didn't we
C) need we
D) have we
E) haven't we

8. We regret not ---- of the chairman's decision before the board meeting.

A) informing
B) to be informed
C) having informed
D) to have been informed
E) having been informed

9. The bank robbery ---- I told you is in the local newspaper today.

A) of which
B) that
C) about which
D) where
E) why

10. The board was reluctant to announce the news ---- they might upset the members.

A) so that
B) in case of
C) although
D) lest
E) for fear of

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