TOEFL Structure Test Practice

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Nobody knows ---- motivated him to change his mind about not going to school.

A) what
B) which
C) that
D) how
E) why

2. I have been contemplating ---- or not to take summer classes.

A) what
B) why
C) how
D) that
E) whether

3. Harry ---- his friends that night so he ---- his parents he was going to be late.

A) was meeting / told
B) will meet / will tell
C) meets / had told
D) would meet / is going to tell
E) has met / will tell

4. When Mary arrived to the party she ---- that we ---- dinner without her.

A) was disappointed / had been eating
B) is disappointed / has eaten
C) has been disappointed / would eat
D) was disappointed / had eaten
E) will be disappointed / was eating

5. Students ---- online classes at all until the internet has become so widely used.

A) must not have
B) didn't use to have
C) needn't have
D) shouldn't have
E) might not have

6. He still doesn't believe I won the track and field yesterday, ----?

A) is he
B) does he
C) didn't I
D) did I
E) doesn't he

7. Had I ---- my parents advice I wouldn't be looking into my piggyback for money now.

A) listen to
B) have listened to
C) listened to
D) would listen to
E) could listen to

8. George is lucky ---- to the conference as he doesn't even work in our division.

A) inviting
B) to be invited
C) having invited
D) to have been invited
E) having been invited

9. The accident ---- I told you about occurred in a very busy intersection.

A) of which
B) that
C) about which
D) where
E) why

10. I don't want to go to Jessica's birthday tomorrow ---- I run into bob there.

A) so that
B) in case of
C) although
D) lest
E) for fear of

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