Short Reading Comprehension 70

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Answer the questions according to the article

Is Too Much Togetherness Annoying?

I've heard of the problems, newly retired men and their wives face because of too much togetherness. And I was always amused, the way they so often get on each other's nerves. I never thought I'd face such a problem, but it's been two months now, and matters around are pretty bad. I ran out of patience. As soon as our son, Mike, leaves home, Dave busies himself by following me around, inquiring into my household routines. I have tried to interest him in any number of activities, with little success. "What you really need is a job "I told him, knowing he would never be able to find one at this age. You'd think that someone with so much intelligence, someone I truly love, would not be totally annoying when faced with a change in routine.

1. The author says that before she faced the same thing, ----.

A) she always belittled couples who tended to be nagging at each other
        all the time
B) she hardly believed that retirement could reverse nice relations in a
C) her husband always seemed to be a potential problem for their happy
D) she couldn't understand how much happiness her husband's retirement
        would bring
E) she knew exactly which problems were waiting for them

2. As it is said in the passage, she cannot help getting nervous at her husband ----.

A) who is constantly trying to intervene in her house-hold affairs
B) who needs to rest now, which he really deserves after years of working
C) because he is an intelligent man and loving husband
D) although she loves Dave who hates being hurt
E) for the fact that he couldn't get accustomed to living idly

3. The writer is surprised to see that ----.

A) her husband is very helpful
B) she will not have to bare her fussy husband any more
C) she will be counting the days to send Mike to school
D) she loves him more than she thought
E) change of routine affects someone so much

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