Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Put the verbs in the correct forms, present continuous or present simple.

1. Let's go out. It is not raining (not/rain) now.

2. Julia is very good at languages. She speaks (speak) four languages very     well.

3. Hurry up! Everybody is waiting (wait) for you.

4. Are you listening(you/listen) to the radio?

    No, you can turn it off.

5. Do you listen (you/listen) to the radio every day?

    No, just occasionally.

6. The River Nile flows (flow) into the Mediterranean.

7. Look at the river. It is flowing (flow) very fast today - much faster than     usual.

8. We usually grow (grow) vegetables in our garden but this year we are not     growing (not/grow) any.

 9. How is your English?

     Not bad. It is improving (improve) slowly.

10. Ron is in London at the moment. He is staying (stay) at the Park Hotel.      He always stays (always/stay) there when he's in London.

11. Can we stop walking soon? I am starting (start) to feel tired.

12. Can you drive?

     I am learning (learn). My father is teaching (teach) me.

13. Normally I finish (finish) work at 5.00, but this week I am working (work)      until 6.00 to earn a bit more money.

14. My parents Live (live) in Bristol. They were born there and have never      lived anywhere else. Where do your parents live (your parents/live)?

15. Sonia is looking (look) for a place to live. She is staying (stay) with her      sister until she finds somewhere.

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