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For these exercises, select two correct answer per question. No credit given for partially correct answers. These are similar questions to he Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE revised general test sentence equivalence part.

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1. GRE Sentence Equivalence 1
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4. GRE Sentence Equivalence 4

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Choose the two best answers that complete each sentence correctly.

1. I was nervous all day long, waiting ---- for the test results.

A) anxiously
B) eagerly
C) truthfully
D) hurriedly
E) concernedly
F) supposedly

2. It is not surprising that the audience have acted ---- to the film as it was not only long but also boring.

A) randomly
B) appreciatively
C) indifferently
D) vitally
E) involuntarily
F) inattentively

3. Chocolate was ---- for drinking until early Victorian times when a technique for making solid chocolate was devised.

A) solely
B) promptly
C) exclusively
D) persistently
E) closely
F) moderately

4. The book I am reading will be ---- useful to me because of the wealth of practical information it supplies on child care.

A) primarily
B) immensely
C) typically
D) extremely
E) formerly
F) weakly

5. Some people write the address on the envelope so ---- that it's a wonder whether it gets delivered.

A) intriguingly
B) punctually
C) unintelligibly
D) smoothly
E) evenly
F) illegibly

6. If there is a risk of a heart disease, smoking should be stopped and diet has to be controlled ----.

A) firmly
B) loosely
C) sincerely
D) rarely
E) rigidly
F) brutally

7. We need to have more people among the staff who will act ----, promptly and responsibly in emergency situations.

A) seemingly
B) irregularly
C) illogically
D) thoughtfully
E) meanly
F) cautiously

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