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For these exercises, select two correct answer per question. No credit given for partially correct answers. These are similar questions to he Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE revised general test sentence equivalence part.

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1. GRE Sentence Equivalence 1
2. GRE Sentence Equivalence 2
3. GRE Sentence Equivalence 3
4. GRE Sentence Equivalence 4

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1. The children were so naughty that the babysitter's patience with them ---- as the hours went by.

A) diminished
B) underwent
C) healed
D) installed
E) weakened
F) erased

2. While my mother was looking through her documents the other day, she came across a letter and when she read it, old memories ---- in her.

A) hindered
B) roused
C) interrupted
D) deserved
E) awoke
F) raised

3. My sister completely ---- all our objections and accepted the job offer overseas.

A) evacuated
B) composed
C) trapped
D) neglected
E) regained
F) disregarded

4. After three days, the hijackers ---- themselves to the police yesterday.

A) invaded
B) submitted
C) detested
D) surrendered
E) wasted
F) accompanied

5. The commander ---- that the enemy would try to cross the river and so seized the bridge.

A) regretted
B) foresaw
C) anticipated
D) betrayed
E) supported
F) negotiated

6. John's ambition is both a(n) ---- and a weakness for him as it may either leads him to success or a total failure.

A) effort
B) attempt
C) affection
D) dispute
E) ability
F) strength

7. The pills you had given brought considerable ---- from the pain in my chest.

A) support
B) relief
C) tolerance
D) remedy
E) patience
F) fortune

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