GRE® Sentence Equivalence Quiz 2

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For these exercises, select two correct answer per question. No credit given for partially correct answers. These are similar questions to he Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE revised general test sentence equivalence part.

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1. There are some people who say that they ---- remember seeing the accused around the shop on the day of the theft.

A) habitually
B) freely
C) surely
D) steadily
E) distinctly
F) softly

2. Although George did not want to take the trouble to perform such a demanding job, he accepted it ----.

A) reluctantly
B) loyally
C) considerably
D) infinitely
E) unwillingly
F) honestly

3. Although the residents ---- wrote to the authorities asking for a recreational area, they haven't received a response yet.

A) hugely
B) merely
C) casually
D) repeatedly
E) roughly
F) frequently

4. With a wave of his hand, the magician made the rabbit ----, which surprised the children at the circus a lot.

A) disappear
B) adjust
C) ignore
D) vanish
E) vary
F) harmonize

5. We don't know all the circumstances, so it would be pointless to ---- on what had happened.

A) flatten
B) contemplate
C) achieve
D) execute
E) measure
F) speculate

6. I'm afraid I won't be able to help you as I can't ---- the exact details of the report.

A) remind
B) remember
C) compel
D) recall
E) nominate
F) require

7. The new law ---- a man to claim money from the government if he has no work.

A) intends
B) enables
C) empower
D) surveys
E) presumes
F) purchases

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