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GrammarBank's TOEFL Practice Tests here are to help you prepare for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Test administered by ETS only. These tests are not in any affiliation with the TOEFL owner ETS.

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To be successful in the TOEFL, it is essential to practice certain reading and academic strategies. While preparing for the test, one should read on a variety of topics to expand his\her vocabulary. You can use textbooks, newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals. Try not to look up every unfamiliar word, try to guess the meaning of them and try to grasp the main idea.

Note: TOEFL Paper Based Test (PBT) Structure and Written Expression section is based on grammar questions that are similar to the ones here.

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. I have seen businesses moving out of the country ---- avoid paying taxes.

A) in case
B) in view of
C) so as to
D) although
E) however

2. We shall take an umbrella with us ---- we don't get wet.

A) in case
B) in order to
C) so that
D) despite
E) because of

3. I couldn't drive there ---- so I told my dad to come along.

A) me
B) each other
C) myself
D) one another's
E) us

4. Before asking ---- people to share their secrets with you, share some of ---- with them.

A) other / yours
B) the other / you
C) some others / yours
D) others / yours
E) the others / you

5. By the time you ---- to the party, we ---- for several hours.

A) have come / had been drinking
B) come / will be drinking
C) come / have been drinking
D) came / had been drinking
E) came / were drinking

6. Alan ---- all his money when we got to the casino, he didn't even say hi to us.

A) ought to lose
B) should lose
C) needn't have lost
D) can't have lost
E) must have lost

7. The store ---- by hundreds of people everyday, I don't understand why my favorite book ---- yet.

A) visited / hasn't been bought
B) is visited / hasn't been bought
C) was visited / hadn't bought
D) is visited / hadn't been bought
E) had visited / hasn't been bought

8. The new movie performed very poorly ---- the low ratings it has received by the viewers.

A) due to
B) since
C) despite
D) however
E) because

9. I can see the rainbow clearly now that the rain ----.

A) stopped
B) had stopped
C) stop
D) has stopped
E) will stop

10. Several guests complained about ---- cold food last night.

A) to be served
B) being served
C) served
D) having served
E) to have been served

11. I cannot think of anything ---- I would love more than a car right now.

A) where
B) who
C) when
D) whom
E) that

12. I am excited to see all the historical structures ---- by the Roman Empire.

A) building
B) to build
C) built
D) to have built
E) having built

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