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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. My parents are finally going to get ---- a car so I won't have to drive them around anymore.

A) on their own
B) themselves
C) theirs
D) their
E) they

2. Don't worry, by the time you ---- home I ---- dinner.

A) came / will make
B) have come / would have made
C) come / will have made
D) had come / made
E) have come / will make

3. My father ---- to help out in the house since my mother started working.

A) had tried
B) tried
C) was trying
D) has been trying
E) will be trying

4. ---- having the best player in the league, we lost 3 games in a row.

A) due to
B) in spite of the fact that
C) as
D) since
E) despite

5. I can't remember very well but I ---- your friend at the bazaar.

A) may have met
B) shouldn't have met
C) should have met
D) should meet
E) would have met

6. The company hired so many new employees last week, ---- they laid off two workers whose performance hadn't been satisfactory.

A) in addition to
B) as a result of this
C) on the other hand
D) consequently
E) hence

7. Public schools in the city ---- be free, now half of the people cannot afford them.

A) are used to
B) used to
C) use to
D) using to
E) going to

8. The dealership has very fancy cars in their inventory, most ---- are very expensive.

A) that
B) which
C) of which
D) of whose
E) whom

9. The stand up show we went to see yesterday, ---- made my day, lasted only one hour.

A) that
B) who
C) whom
D) which
E) what

10. Daniel was exhausted ---- all day playing in the backyard.

A) spending
B) having been spending
C) spent
D) being spent
E) having spent

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