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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. My roommate ---- about all the bugs since we moved in.

A) to be complaining
B) complained
C) had complained
D) has been complaining
E) will be complaining

2. All of these houses, ---- are falling apart already, will be put down.

A) what
B) that
C) for which
D) which
E) where

3. My cousin shared his lunch with me, ---- was very kind of him.

A) where
B) that
C) who
D) what
E) which

4. My English teacher is going to join us for lunch, ---- father is the principle of the school.

A) which
B) that
C) whose
D) what
E) whom

5. He drove instead of flying ---- he could stop by his uncle on the way there.

A) so that
B) in case
C) hence
D) however
E) moreover

6. We lost our final game and ---- we didn't make it to the top 16.

A) therefore
B) notwithstanding
C) however
D) since
E) providing

7. It doesn't mean she loves you just ---- she accepted to go to the movies with you.

A) due to
B) despite
C) yet
D) because
E) in case of

8. Angelina has been the girl of your dreams, ----?

A) hasn't she
B) isn't it
C) doesn't she
D) did she
E) wasn't it

9. When he ---- from the company he ---- for 20 years, he felt devastated.

A) has been fired / has worked
B) fired / had worked
C) fired / worked
D) was fired / had been working
E) had been fired / has worked

10. By the time I ---- enough money, it ---- too late to turn things around.

A) save / has been
B) had saved / has been
C) had saved / was
D) would save / had been
E) have saved / was

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