TOEFL® Grammar Test Prep 9

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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. I am actually working on call this weekend, ---- I would definitely go fishing with you.

A) opposite
B) except for
C) otherwise
D) likewise
E) in contrast

2. After driving for twelve hours straight, I was ---- that I could barely keep my eyes open.

A) so tired
B) such a tired
C) as tired as
D) the most tired
E) more tired than

3. If you ---- French for 2 years, you ---- enough to have a simple conversion with someone French.

A) have studied / should know
B) will study / have known
C) would study / had known
D) studied / used to know
E) study / may have known

4. United States has only a few neighboring countries ---- Portugal or Brazil.

A) the most
B) such
C) like
D) such as
E) every

5. Children ---- more time outdoors with their friends before the smartphones ----.

A) were spending / have been invented
B) would spend / were invented
C) would be spending / had invented
D) have spent / are invented
E) had to spend / would be invented

6. She was surprised to see ---- money I had saved when she came back from her vacation.

A) so
B) such
C) much more
D) a little
E) how much

7. ---- earthquake can be devastating if you don't take ---- necessary precautions.

A) The / —
B) Some / any
C) — / the
D) Any / a
E) An / the

8. ---- team was compensated generously after winning the championship last year.

A) Some
B) Several
C) The whole
D) Enough of
E) Most of

9. Even though she might be a little annoying at times, she has never yelled at you ----?

A) is she
B) has she
C) hasn't she
D) did she
E) didn't she

10. ---- being the last question in the test, this isn't the easiest one to answer.

A) Despite the fact that
B) In spite of the fact that
C) However
D) Because
E) Despite

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