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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. I don't have anywhere to sleep tonight ---- owning three houses.

A) despite
B) because
C) since
D) as
E) despite the fact that

2. I wish we had an extra bedroom ---- the guests who want to sleep over.

A) like
B) in case
C) the fact that
D) whether
E) for

3. Dr. Douglas hates ---- by his first name.

A) calling
B) call
C) having called
D) be calling
E) being called

4. Everyone likes ---- but sometimes we need to work hard ---- one's trust.

A) to trust / to earn
B) trusting / earning
C) to be trusted / to earn
D) having trusted / being earned
E) to have trusted / to be earned

5. The audience ---- left the theater early complained that their money had been wasted, ---- wasn't enough to get a refund.

A) which / that
B) that / where
C) of whom / who
D) whom / when
E) who / which

6. --- guilty, he had no choice but ---- the fine.

A) To find / to be paid
B) Having found / to have paid
C) To be found / being paid
D) Found / to pay
E) Having been found / to pay

7. He wouldn't be able to ---- that high even if he ---- which window was her room.

A) climb / knew
B) climbing / knew
C) have climbed / had known
D) climbing / had known
E) climb / was knowing

8. The cartoon, ---- she watches everyday, is not very appropriate for her.

A) that
B) who
C) which
D) where
E) when

9. We will find out soon enough ---- he lied to us about ---- from college.

A) whether or not / having graduated
B) in case / having graduated
C) in case / being graduating
D) if / having being graduated
E) whether / being graduated

10. The police ---- still interrogating the man who is furious about ---- unlawfully.

A) are / to detain
B) is / to have been detained
C) are / being detained
D) is / having been detained
E) is / detaining

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