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TOEFL Grammar Prep Test 12 - Modals Past Participle

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. Melisa was so excited ---- her new doll house that she didn't even want ---- anything.

A) to enjoy / to eat
B) having enjoyed / eating
C) to be enjoying / being eaten
D) being enjoyed / eating
E) enjoying / to eat

2. She would never ask anyone ---- her with her homework, she likes to work alone.

A) to helping
B) to help
C) for helping
D) help
E) helping

3. The dinosaurs ---- for millions of years before humans appeared on Earth.

A) were extinct
B) would be extinct
C) had been extinct
D) have been extinct
E) are extinct

4. The first game ---- by a large margin so the coach said that the preparation for the next game ---- crucial.

A) lost / had been
B) was lost / has been
C) would be lost / would be
D) was losing / was
E) was lost / would be

5. Finally after a long meeting, the republican party is set ---- now.

A) to have been centralized
B) to be centralized
C) having been centralized
D) being centralized
E) to centralize

6. I think ---- both short term and long term goals in life is important ---- one's motivation high.

A) To have / to keep
B) Having / to keep
C) To be having / to keep
D) Having / to keeping
E) To have / to keeping

7. Rush hour traffic has been a big issue for commuters ever since they closed the second bridge.

A) will be
B) was being
C) is
D) was
E) has been

8. Sponge Bob is a cartoon character ---- job is a fry cook in the show.

A) who
B) whose
C) which
D) what
E) whom

9. Jimmy ---- watching football at work, I won't be surprised if he is fired soon.

A) must not have been caught
B) might not have caught
C) shouldn't have been caught
D) needn't be caught
E) shouldn't have caught

10. I really don't want to say anything in that meeting ---- I say something silly.

A) whether
B) if
C) in case
D) lest
E) whatever

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