GRE® Sentence Equivalence Practice 4

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For these exercises, select two correct answer per question. No credit given for partially correct answers. These are similar questions to he Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE revised general test sentence equivalence part.

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1. The government should cut their ---- on defense and start to spend more on education.

A) cost
B) rate
C) pace
D) spending
E) expenditure
F) mass

2. The convict's lawyer said she understood the ---- of her actions and was prepared to go to jail.

A) outcome
B) disposal
C) disagreement
D) consequence
E) obligation
F) nomination

3. Mr. Summons is an essential figure in our office as the ---- of his work experience cannot be underestimated.

A) admiration
B) approval
C) value
D) consent
E) worth
F) permission

4. Even the most security-conscious computer user is under constant ---- from computer viruses.

A) warning
B) caution
C) instinct
D) danger
E) notice
F) threat

5. Nobody knows the ---- of the belief but the stork is believed to carry babies to families.

A) symbol
B) origin
C) duration
D) interval
E) distance
F) birth

6. Many companies prefer to hire ---- workers so that they don't have to pay them benefits.

A) tender
B) transparent
C) ecological
D) transient
E) portable
F) interim

7. Frog larvae can be difficult to tell apart from salamander larvae since both of them look very ----.

A) genuine
B) identical
C) competent
D) alike
E) exhausted
F) hospitable

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