Question Tags Exercise 1 Answers

Complete the following exercise with question tags.

1. Claudia wasn’t in the class, was she?

2. Mind the traffic, will you?

3. I am afraid he is seriously ill, isn't he?

4. He won't mind if I use his phone, will he?

No, of course he won't.

5. He never acts like a gentleman, does he?

6. Everybody was very happy, weren't they?

7. Tom knows that his father is in the hospital, doesn't he?

8. Don't drop that vase, will you?

No, don't worry.

9. I think she deliberately provoked him, didn't she?

10. I suspect he is in love, isn't he?

11. I’m right, aren't I?

12. I'm too impatient, aren't I?

Yes, you are sometimes.

13. It appears that she is enjoying herself, isn't she?

14. You've got a camera, haven't you?

Yes, why? Do you want to borrow it?

15. Nothing about me is true, is it?

16. Amanda would like to get a scholarship, wouldn't she?

17. Carol can cope with the situation, can't she?

18. You weren't listening, were you?

Yes, I was!

19. I don’t suppose you are serious, are you?

20. I don’t think anyone will volunteer, will they?

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