Simple Past Exercises Answers

A. Complete the sentences, Put the verb into the correct form, positive or negative. (simple past tense)

1. It was warm, so I took off my coat. (take)

2. The film wasn't very good. I didn't enjoy it very much. (enjoy)

3. I knew Sarah was very busy, so I didn't disturb her. (disturb)

4. I was very tired, so I wentto bed early. (go)

5. The bed was very uncomfortable. I didn't sleep very well. (sleep)

6. Sue wasn't hungry, so she didn't eat anything. (eat)

7. We went to Kate's house but she wasn't at home. (be)

8. It was a funny situation but nobody laughed (laugh)

9. The window was open and a bird flew into the room. (fly)

10. The hotel wasn't very expensive. It didn't cost very much. (cost)

11. I was in a hurry, so I didn't have time to phone you. (have)

12. It was hard work carrying the bags. They were very heavy. (be)

B. Complete the exercise with the verbs inside the box. (simple past tense)

buy catch cost drink
fall hurt sell spend
teach throw win write

1. Mozart wrotemore than 600 pieces of music.

2. 'How did you learn to drive?' 'My father taught me.'

3. We couldn't afford to keep our car, so we sold it.

4. I was very thirsty. I drank the water very quickly.

5. Paul and I played tennis yesterday. He's much better than me, so he won easily.

6. Don fell down the stairs this morning and hurt his lag.

7. Jim threw the ball to Sue, who caught it.

8. Ann spent a lot of money yesterday. She bought a dress. It cost 100.

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