• An adverbial gives us extra information about the time, place or the manner of an action.
  • Through adverbials we find the answers to the questions like:

    Where / when / how / why / how much / how long / how often

  • Also See:

    Reducing Adverbial Clauses

    I have been living in L.A since 2002. (where and how long?)
    I moved here in 2002 because of better job opportunities. (when and why?)

    They can be classified into three groups:

  • Adverbs
  • Adverbial Phrases
  • Adverbial Clauses

  • As Adverbs

    They modify the verb of the sentence and they are mostly used at the end of the sentences ending in -ly.

    The teacher looked at me anxiously.
    My father always drives very carefully.


    Not all the adverbs of manner end in –ly, there are a few exceptions like these:

    Hard / fast / late / straight

    In order to pass his exams, he studied very hard. Don’t drive fast.

    As Adverbial Phrases

    They are composed of a group of two or more words modifying a verb.

    We decided to take part in this film in May last September.
    I tried to drive as carefully as I could, but I couldn't avoid hitting the tree.
    I will escape as far as I can.

    As Adverbial Clauses

    An adverbial clause is a dependent sentence which has a function of an adverb. See reducing adverbial clauses.

    They can be classified into six groups:

    • Time: when / while / after / before / as soon as / by the time / since / until / as / as long as etc.
    • Reason: because / since / as / seeing that / inasmuch as / now that / on the grounds that
    • Purpose: so that / in order that / lest / in case / for the purpose that / for fear that
    • Contrast: although / though / even though / whereas / notwithstanding / much as
    • Comparison: as if / as though
    • Condition: if / provided(ing) (that) / so long as / unless / only if / even if / on condition that

    When my father came, I had already finished my homework.
    Seeing that it was raining we decided not to go out.
    In order that I can improve my English I have decided to go to England.
    Although she is so beautiful I won’t marry her.
    He speaks as if he was an expert.
    If you finish your assignment early you can go out with your friends.



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