Also / Too / Either

Also and too are used in affirmative sentences.

Mrs. Rogala is an English teacher.
Mr. Barber is also a teacher.
Henry is a student.
Alicia is a student, too.

Either is used in negative sentences.

I don't like video games.
Sofia doesn't like video games, either.
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More Examples

1. My car isn't fast. - His car isn't fast, either.
2. They go to Hawaii in summer. - We also go to Hawaii in summer.
3. Carla is a smart woman. - I am a smart woman, too.
4. Juan has got a new barbecue. Victor has also got a new barbecue.
5. I like America. - Mandy likes America, too.
6. The teachers aren't at school. - The students aren't at school, either.
7. Ronaldo isn't an actor. - Micheal Phelps isn't an actor, either.

Quick Exercise

A. Change the following sentences from affirmative to negative.

1. Victoria has got a new dictionary. Sam has got a new dictionary, too.

2. Gaby has got a diamond ring. Maria has also got a diamond ring.

3. Mr. Gerard is from England. Mr. Terry is from England, too.

4. I like chocolate. Margaret likes chocolate, too.

B. Change the following sentences from negative to affirmative.

5. Paul hasn't got an English book. Dan hasn't got an English book, either.

6. Pam cannot swim. Brian can't swim either.

7. Davis isn't a big city. Berkeley isn't a big city either.

8. Coffee isn't my favorite drink. Coffee isn't his favorite drink, either.

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Correct Answers:

Note: You can also use too as alternative to also in affirmative sentences. Both are correct. You can use "too" too.

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