Although/Though--Despite/In Spite Of

Both although and in spite of express contrast between the two clauses they connect. They are similar in meaning but they are used differently.

Further Explanations:

Despite and In spite of

Subject Exercises:

Despite vs Although
Despite/In spite of/although

Although / Though

After although we use a subject + verb.

a. Richard worked on his project all night although he was tired.
b. They don't spend much money although they are rich.
c. Andrew passed the exam although he didn't study at all.
d. Amber wants to go out although she is sick.
e. Although it rained a lot, the students enjoyed their holiday.

Despite / In Spite Of

After in spite of we use a noun, a pronoun or V-ing form.

a. Berk won the prize in spite of the difficult conditions.
b. They went on holiday in spite of the bad weather conditions.
c. Steve waited outside for 2 hours in spite of the cold.
d. We arrived on time in spite of the traffic jam.
e. In spite of all her careful plans, Laura made a lot of mistakes.
f. They didn't want to buy anything in spite of having a lot of money.

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