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Emergency means a serious or urgent situation, thus Emergency rooms are full of patients with serious illness who need immediate help.


Emergency rooms must provide faster services to patients by hiring more nurses, using the triage method and having extra rooms for patients.

•Paragraph 1:

In order to keep patients from waiting too long, hospitals need to have more than one nurse in emergency rooms to record patients' information and their chief complaints. (Use from quote 1)

• Paragraph 2:

Besides having more nurses to increase faster services, they need be divided into different groups with the triage method. (Personal ideas)

• Paragraph 3:

Another important point to help speed up the waiting time is having extra rooms ready for patients. (Use from quote 2)


This problem to important to each and every one of us because we all get sick at least once in our life. It is possible that everyone has already experienced this trouble. We do not want to see ourselves or our love ones to sit down for hours and wait to see the doctor, while dealing with pain and discomfort.

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