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ESL EFL Reading Article and Comprehension Questions - Mental Illnesses

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Answer the questions after reading the article below.

Mental Illnesses

There are many times when someone suffering from either mental illness or depression may not even realize there is a problem. I have suffered from depression myself. I was completely unaware of what was wrong with me, my family doctor pointed it out to me, as I did not have any one else around me that recognized the symptoms. It was hard for me to accept at first, but after having the hard facts placed in front of my face and understanding that it may get worse, I had no choice but to get help. A lot of people who suffer from such problems tend to be more alone than anyone realizes. I suspect that anyone who was unaware of their condition would probably be shocked, as I was, to have someone confront them about it. A good friend would confront them anyway, and hopefully they would seek help.

1. It can be understood from the passage that ----.

A) some doctors are unaware of their patients' problems
B) a lot of people have family doctors
C) mental illness is not a big problem today
D) people cannot easily realize their own mental illnesses
E) we have a lot of choices to become healthy

2. Someone who is suffering from either mental illness or depression ----.

A) should go to his family doctor
B) may give damage to other people
C) has to find his friends to talk about it
D) will one day realize everything if he wants
E) generally isn't aware of the condition

3. The author seems to be suggesting that ----.

A) large families generally have a family doctor
B) we cannot be aware of how much these ill people suffer
C) the people who are suffering from mental illness should go to doctors
D) everybody can easily accept their illness
E) there are a lot of people in our society who are suffering from mental

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