Auxiliary or Main Verb Exercise

To be, will, do, have and modal auxiliaries exercise:

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Auxiliary Verbs
Modal Verbs

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Auxiliary Verbs Exercise 1
Auxiliary Verbs Exercise 2
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Choose if main verb or auxiliary verb.

1. They are teachers.

2. I will tell her the truth.

3. I don't know your phone number.

4. Have you done the washing up yet?

5. They were sleeping in their beds when you called.

6. I have never seen a lion this big before.

7. Does your father wake up early everyday?

8. I have two brothers and a sister.

9. You should definitely see this movie.

10. This book was written in 1950s.

11. I do trust you but you still shouldn't go to that party.

12. I do homework every night.

13. You must learn English before you go to Chicago.

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