Both vs Both Of 

Both means two of the two things.

Both my students passed the exam.

Both my children are married.

• When we use Both and both of before a noun with determiner, there is no difference between them.

I came across both / both of your sisters at the mall.
• We don’t use 'the' before both.

Both (the) kids are playing in the garden. (Not The both kids …)

• As a subject or object, we may also use (both of + you/us/them) with personal pronouns.

Both of us should be here at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.
I need both of you to move my house.

• Both can also be used after pronouns as objects.

I saw them both.

• We can use both with a verb as well when it refers to the subject of a clause.

We can both speak English. (both of us can… also possible)
Sam and Tom have both gone fishing. (both of them have… also possible)


We don’t prefer both in negative structures. Instead, we use neither.

Both of them aren't ready.
Neither of them is ready.

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