Brazil Nut Tree Facts

Brazil Nut Tree Facts - Reading Passage With Comprehension Questions For English Learners

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Long Living Tree

Answer the questions according to the article.

The Brazil nut tree is one of the Amazon's longest living trees, of an age 1,000 years. Its flowers depend on bees for pollination. Once pollinated, a coconut-sized seed containing some tiny 20 seeds, develops for over 15 months before falling to the forest floor. They are found exclusively in Amazon forests since harvesting is exhausting, even for the strong. Apart from bees and the Brazil nut harvesters, the life of many other plants and animals is intertwined with this tree. The empty seeds fill with rainwater and provide breeding grounds for flies, frogs, all of which depend on these small ponds on the forest floor.. The major threat to the trees is forest clearing. Sustainable harvesting of Brazil nuts is therefore vital way to provide protection of forests and saving the Amazon.

1. We can clearly understand from the passage that the Brazil nut ----.

A) has been harvested throughout South American countries as it is
        beneficial for their economy
B) is only found in Amazon forests because harvesting it requires
        demanding work
C) is the only foo d bees show interest in
D) is the fruit of the longest living tree in Amazon region
E) must be harvested in 15 months after it has been planted

2. We can infer from the passage that when considered ecologically ----.

A) seeds of the Brazil nut spread through many countries of the world
        through pollination
B) the empty seeds provide breeding grounds for all the animals in the
C) bees depend mainly on the flowers of Brazil nut trees to survive
D) the Brazil nut is important not only for some animals but also the
        Amazon's survival
E) the Brazil nut can only grow in places where there are flies and frogs

3. It is clearly pointed out in the passage that ----.

A) since the Brazil nut tree only grows in the Amazon, it is the main
        attraction of this region
B) the process of pollination can be disturbed by the interference of bees
C) the reason why the Brazil nut is important for some animals is that its
        seeds serve like water ponds for them
D) it is necessary to restrict the growth of the Brazil nut to save the
E) the first cultivation of the Brazil nut in the Amazon dates back 1000
        years ago

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