Causatives Examples

Causative construction is used when we have someone else do something for us.

Elroy had his car washed.
I had my dad carry my backpack.
I had my horse carry the body.
The teacher made me do extra work.
Melisa got her hair cut.
Elizabeth had her nails done.

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A. HAVE / GET Something Done
subject + have / get + direct object + verb3

Mr. Chaps got his house painted.
Gary had his ring polished.
He had himself kicked out of school.
I had my tooth extracted yesterday.

B. HAVE / MAKE Somebody Do | GET Somebody to Do Something
Subject + Have / Make + Somebody + Verb
Subject - Get + Somebody + To-Verb (infinitive)

I had Luis repair my car.
I made my little brother say sorry.
Fred got his friend to do his homework.
Charlie had the carpenter repair the table.
Dora had her hairdresser cut her hair.


Make someone do something is stronger than the others and it means forcing someone to do what we ask / want them to do.

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