Clauses Worksheet

1. Students can't use calculators

2. I wish you wouldn't make so much noise

3. Just as the play was about to start,

4. The pupils rushed out of the classroom

5. It has been three months

6. The film crew has been working

7. Mike couldn't remember

8. If I could speak English well,

9. Very few students can learn English

10. There were only silent films

a. I would be able to apply for this position.

b. since I last heard from my parents.

c. doing any of the questions on the test.

d. in the early years of the cinema.

e. during a math or physics exam.

f. in their high school years.

g. as soon as the bell rang.

h. someone in the audience cried for help.

i. while I am trying to concentrate.

j. for fifteen hours now.

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