Cohesive Devices

We use cohesive devices to link sentences, paragraphs or any pieces of text. In other words, cohesive devices make our content coherent. Overusing cohesive devices or not using them enough might affect the reader negatively.

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Here is a list of words and phrases used as cohesive devices:


CoordinatorPairedSubordinatingTransitionsPrep. Phrase
AndBoth...and---In additionIn addition to
Not only...but(also)Further moreAs well as
What's moreApart from
AlsoAside from
On top of that


  • Both/not only proteins and/but also vitamins are essential for small children.
  • The film was neither well made nor well-performed.
  • I can play the piano apart from the guitar.

  • Contrast

    CoordinatorPairedSubordinatingTransitionsPrep. Phrase
    But---Although, thoughHoweverDespite
    YetEven though, much asNonethelessIn spite of
    NotwithstandingYet, even soFor all
    No matter + question wordNeverthelessRegardless of
    However + adj./adv.StillNotwithstanding
    Adj./adv. + though/asNotwithstanding


  • Although he's very smart, he cannot pass his English class.
  • No matter how smart you are, you shouldn't underestimate your opponents.
  • He's very smart, he doesn't respect his friends though.
  • Regardless of age, anybody can ride this ride.

  • Direct Contrast

    CoordinatorPairedSubordinatingTransitionsPrep. Phrase
    But---WhileOn the contraryUnlike
    YetWhereasIn contrastIn contrast to
    On the other handContrary to
    ConverselyAs opposed to
    While / whereas


  • The winters are very wet here; whereas, the summers are very dry.
  • It was very hot yesterday, in contrast, it’s very cold today.
  • It's cold and windy today, on the other hand, it’s not raining.

  • Result

    CoordinatorPairedSubordinatingTransitionsPrep. Phrase
    ---So/such ... that---ThereforeAs a result of
    As a result of thisAs a consequence of
    As a result
    So, this, hence
    As a consequence of this
    Because of this

    Man's hunting whales in large numbersCauses
    leads to
    results in
    is the result for
    is responsible for
    the danger of their becoming extinct
    Whales' facing extinctionis the result of
    is due to
    is a consequence of
    result from
    man's hunting them in large numbers

    For Example:

  • As a consequence of rising population, people now have to cope with heavy traffic.
  • It was such a great movie that I watched it three times.
  • The basketball team's introducing a talented young player resulted in winning more games.

  • Purpose

    CoordinatorPairedSubordinatingTransitionsPrep. Phrase
    ------So that---In order to
    In order thatTo
    For the purpose thatFor the purpose of
    For fear of
    So as to

    For Example:

  • I talked to the shy girl for the purpose that she wouldn’t feel isolated.
  • We all spoke in quiet voices for fear of waking the baby up.
  • She went to her husband’s office for the purpose of seeing him.

  • Comparison

    in the same way
    compared with

    I can speak Spanish; similarly, my brother can speak Spanish.


    in the first place
    to conclude
    to begin

    I loved England a lot. First I loved its museums. Secondly, I loved its people. Finally I loved its tourist attractions.

    Giving Examples

    for example
    for instance
    such as
    as follows

    I like small pets such as cats and birds.


    in general
    in most cases
    most of the time
    on the whole

    In general, people don't like getting up early.

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