English Collocations

A collocation is a group of words that go well together. There is no single rule showing us which words go well together, but we cay just say that the collocations are determined by the virtue of those words sounding "right" together to native English speakers.

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Collocations List
There are many types of collocations:

  • Noun + noun

  • Security policy / target audience

  • Noun + verb

  • Cats miaow / dogs bark

  • Verb + noun

  • Achieve an objective/ support an argument

  • Verb + adverb

  • Work effectively / vary considerably

  • Adverb + adjective

  • Almost identical / virtually impossible

  • Adjective + noun

  • Annual conference / technical assistance

  • Related to time

  • Free time / right on time

  • Related to business

  • Go bankrupt / make a profit

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