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Slang is an informal language which might stay in use only for a short time. It is used by particular groups of people who know each other. Slang words and phrases are used in everyday conversation but are out of place in fine or serious writing or speech. Slang should not be used in formal contexts. The slang translator below translates most of the everyday slang writing. Some sample translations are given as a reference.
Some Slang Examples:

afk -> away from keyboard
fyi -> for your information
lol -> laughing out loud
noob -> new person
paw -> parents are watching
gl -> good luck
gn -> good night
gf -> girl friend
sup yall? -> What's up you all?
How r u doin? -> How are you doing?
rofl -> rolling on the floor laughing
btw -> by the way
brb -> be right back
idk -> I don't know
n1 -> nice one
nh -> nice hand
wth -> what the heck
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