Double Object Verbs

There are some verbs in English that can be followed by a direct and an indirect object.

For Example:

Subject/verb/Indirect obj/Direct obj.
Tony gave me some flowers
My sister sent me a postcard.
I brought you a bottle of wine.

With many verbs the indirect object is used with a prepositional phrase with “to” and there are some other common verbs that can be used with “for”.

Prepositional phrase with "TO"






















They awarded a gold medal to top 10 schools.

They offered a management job to me.

I sent some money to you.

Sam brought some flowers to you.

Can you please pass the salt to me?

My brother fed fish to our cat.

My brother promised a laptop to me.

You told the truth to me.

He gave a gift to me.

They paid 50 dollars to the cashier.

He wrote a mail to me.

They granted the password to me.

He showed his car to me.

My teacher taught French to me.

They mailed a letter to me.

He sold a monitor to me.

I presented my assignment to the teacher.

He lent his dictionary to me.

They posted a letter to you.

My mother read stories to me.

Prepositional phrase with "For"


















do a favor
They baked bread for me.

I found a pen for you.

I poured a glass of water for you.

Sally booked a table for us.

Can you get a gift card for me?

My brother prepares the table for us.

My brother is building a sand-castle for the kids.

My grandma knitted a sweater for me.

He reserved a room for us.

They bought a house for themselves.

He made a cake for his wife.

They sang a song for me.

My sister cooked the dinner for me.

I ordered a glass of wine for you.

They provided shelter for us.

Can you do a favor for me?

More Examples on Verbs with Two Objects

I gave him some money yesterday.(Active)
I gave some money to him yesterday.(Active)

Some money was given to him yesterday.(Passive)
He was given some money yesterday. (Passive)

I will buy her a book tomorrow.
A book will be bought for her tomorrow.
She will be bought a book tomorrow.

The teacher gave her a warning.
A warning was given to her by a teacher.
She was given a warning by the teacher.

The nurse will tell you the decision.
The decision will be told to you by the nurse.
You will be told the decision by the nurse.

They are going to provide us with accommodation.
The accommodation is going to be provided for us.
We are going to be provided with accommodation.

My sister sent me a card.
A card was sent to me by a sister.
I was sent a card by my sister.

He sold the old man an alarm clock.
An alarm clock was sold to the old man.
The old man was sold an alarm clock.

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