Daily Routine Verbs

Daily Activities In The Morning:

On Weekdays I usually wake up at 8 am.
I stay in bed about 10 minutes before I get up.
I wash my face and take a shower.
Then I dry and comb my hair.
I have a breakfast at around 8.30.
After breakfast I brush my teeth.
I put on make up.
I get dressed.
I leave home at around 8.50.

Daily Activities Outside:

I take a bus to work.
I arrive work at around 9.30.
I have a cup of coffee while I read the newspaper.
Then I check my emails and file my papers.
I usually make some telephone calls.
Then I report to my boss.
At around 1 pm I have lunch.I usually work on the computer.
I have afternoon tea at around 4 pm and eat some snacks.

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Daily Activities After work:

I leave work at 5.30.
I take a train and go to the gym before I go home.
I work out for almost an hour.
I arrive home at around 7.30.

Daily Activities In The Evening:

I get undressed.
I take a bath.
I get into my pajamas and take the rubbish out.
If I don't feel so tired I cook dinner.
I have dinner at around 9.
I relax on my couch and watch TV.
I wash the dishes and feed my dog.
I lock the door and brush my teeth.
At around 11.30 I set the alarm and read a book for about 30 minutes.
Then Finally at around 12 pm I turn off the lights and go to bed.

Daily Activities At The Weekends:

On Saturdays, I usually go grocery shopping early in the morning.
I do the washing and hang the clothes out to dry.
I water the garden and wash my car.
Then Ido the ironing.
At night, I go out with my friends and have some fun .
On Sundays I go to church in the morning.
Then In the afternoon, I go to the mall by my car and do some shopping.
Then I usually hire a movie and watch a movie
Before I go to bed I make sure that I recharge my cellphone and meditate to reduce the stress I get during the week.

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