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Answer the questions according to the reading.

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Novelist Samuel Richardson

The novel develops after the death of Defoe, with S.Richardson (1689-1761), a professional printer who took novel-writing when he was fifty. Richardson liked to help young women with the composition of their love-letters and was asked by a publisher to write a volume of model letters for use on various occasions. He was inspired to write a novel in the form of a series of letters, a novel which should implant a moral lesson in the minds of its readers (he thought of these readers primarily as women). This novel was Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, which describes the defamation made on the honor of a virtuous housemaid by a young man.

1. It can be inferred from the passage that Samuel Richardson ----.

A) was more interested in printing
B) wrote more than one novel
C) forced young women to write love-letters
D) became only an expert printer in his life
E) has an important place in the history of literature

2. We learn that Samuel Richardson ----.

A) aimed at giving moral messages to people
B) asked a publisher to write a novel
C) liked being helped by females
D) made the women read his novels
E) liked to compose his own letters with young women

3. It's implied that Richardson's "Pamela" ----.

A) is composed only of defamation made by a man
B) has more than one title
C) explains the causes of defamation
D) intends to give ethical message to men
E) narrates the life of a corrupt person

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