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GRE verbal reasoning section English text completion questions with one to three blanks, three answer choices per blank

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Complete the following passages with the most appropriate choices.

Text 1

Giant pandas are black-and-white Chinese bears that are on the verge of (1) ---- . These large, cuddly-looking mammals have a big head, a heavy body, rounded ears, and a short tail. Most bears' eyes have round pupils. The (2) ---- is the giant panda, whose pupils are vertical slits, like cats' eyes, these unusual eyes (3) ---- the Chinese to call the panda the "giant cat bear."

A) indication
B) accommodation
C) extinction

A) dimension
B) exception
C) speculation

A) inspired
B) predicted
C) reversed

Text 2

Although the population of England in the nineteenth century was rising at an ---- rate, that of the cities was increasing by leaps. This was due to the  effects of the industrial revolution; people were (2) ---- into the towns and cities in search of employment; for some, it was also the call of the unknown, (3) ---- and a better way of life. This period is known to be the beginning of many new things.

A) crepuscular
B) unprecedented
C) reprehensible

A) flocking
B) abrogating
C) ensconcing

A) escapade
B) pliable
C) abstruse

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