Have Got / Has Got

Read through the table below, look at the examples to learn the different forms of have got / has got and the differences between them. Practice with the follow up exercises.

Subject Explanations:
Have Got / Has Got Chart
Have/Has vs Have/Has +Got

Drag and Drop Exercises:
Have got or Has got Worksheet 1
Have got or Has got Worksheet 2

Similar Exercises:
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My Friends
The Kids
George and I
Have GotHe
The boy
Your friend
Has Got

Affirmative FormQuestion Form
Subject + have got / has got + nounHave / Has + subject + got + noun?

Full Form:    I have got / He has got / They have got / We have got
Short Form: I've got / He's got / They've got / Paul's got / We've got

a. I have got a brand-new computer.
b. My friends have got a new teacher.
c The workers have got enough shovels.
d. Paul has got a golden watch.
e. She has got a used car.
f. The man has got a problem.
g. We haven't got a big house.
h. The farmer hasn’t got a truck.
I. Have you got a calculator?
J. Has Mr. Stone got two children?

Short Yes / No Answers

QuestionAffirmative AnswerNegative Answer
Have you got a pen?Yes, I have.No, I haven't
Has she got a pen?Yes, she has.No, she hasn't

More Examples:

1. Have you got an envelope? (+)
Yes, I have.

2. Has Robin got a pet? (-)
No, she hasn't.

3. Have Selena and Brad got old furniture? (-)
No, they haven't.

4. Have we got any dark chocolate? (+)
Yes, we have.

Quick Exercise

Choose have got or has got.

1. Anthony two siblings.

2. You and I strong arms.

3. You a kind heart.

4. Liza an old watch.

5. The library four entrances.

6. Mrs. Anderson American clients.

7. Mr. Nelson a big house.

8. Your father a Mitsubishi.

9. My math teacher a villa.

10. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan a restaurant in Beverly Hills.

11. Kara small feet.

12. Jerry and I a lot of money.

Correctness =
Correct answers:



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