An intensifier also called a booster has actually little meaning in itself however adds force to the meaning of another word or a phrase that it modifies.

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The prime minister said he strongly supported the NATO plan.
Though she is pretty beautiful, her behaviors make her unattractive.
You need to stop drinking coffee as it’s extremely addictive.
My brother speaks English very well.
It’s too hot to go out today.
He is very smart.

Intensifiers With Strong Adjectives

Though one of the most used intensifiers is “very”, we don’t prefer it with strong adjectives as below:
Awful / brilliant / incredible / excellent / terrific / gorgeous / fascinated / amazing / gigantic / delicious / tiny

It was absolutely an incredible movie. (not very incredible)
It was exceptionally an amazing experience. (not very amazing)
Some strong intensifiers are:

absolutely / exceptionally / really / quite

Intensifiers with Comparatives / Superlatives

Most common ones are: much / far / a lot / a bit
Manice is a cheap hotel, but Denty is a much cheaper hotel than Manice.
A lion is a far more dangerous animal than a hyena.
I am a lot faster than you think.
My son is a bit sick today so he couldn't go to school.



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