Inverted order is used in a few different ways for emphasis mostly in written English.

Inversion Types

With adverbs of negative meanings
After Only
After So
Instead of If
Mixed Types

See Inversions Exercise

With adverbs of negative meanings

Never have I seen such a big house!
Hardly ever does he speak English at home.
In no way can he be accused of such a crime.
Seldom does he visit his grandmother.
Scarcely did Mrs. Bran go to the dentist last year.

After Only

Only today did she tell me she was married.
Only with thinner can he remove that stain.

After So

So clearly does Mr. Harris speak English that we can understand him easily.

Instead of if

Had the train been late, we wouldn't have got there on time.
Were they in danger, they would phone you.
Should we pay the bill, tell her to give us a receipt.

Mixed Inversion Types

How expensive it is!
May be rest in peace
Next to the president stood the reporters.
Never do we go there by ourselves.
In vain did we try to change his plan?
Under no circumstances will I see him again.
Everywhere has evidence of his crime.

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