It's Time Somebody Did Something

We use the phrase "It's about/high time" to make suggestion, raise awareness about a "must do thing" for which it's already a bit late, sort of like a complaint.

Subject Exercise:

"It's about time" Tense Exercise

For the Present Time

It’s (high/about) time + past subjunctive

For example:

It’s time you stopped smoking.
It’s high time you stopped smoking.
It’s about time you stopped smoking.

We are suggesting something in the present moment; yet, we believe that it should have already happened by now.

For the Past Time

It was (high/about) time + past perfect subjunctive

For example:

It was time you had told him the truth when you had the chance last night.

The words “about/high” add more emphasis to the situation and they usually come with anger/complaint.

We can also use this phrase with an infinitive "to”.

1. It’s time you went to bed.
It’s time to go to bed.

2. It’s about time you grew up and became realistic.
It’s about time for you to grow up and become realistic.

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