Like vs Would Like Exercise

I would like to go to San Francisco.
I would like some coffee.
I like coffee.

like(s) vs would like
do you like vs would you like

Subject Explanations:

Would Like To
1. I playing basketball in my spare time.

2. My sister to go to Venice.

3. tea? If so, you should really try Earl Grey.

4. a cup of tea? I can brew some for you.

5. your new teacher?

6. your new teacher for next semester also?

7. some cheese with your wine?

8. I some cheese with my wine, please.

9. I blue cheese with wine.

10. I jogging every morning before I go to work.

11. What ?

12. What today?

13. James the snow.

14. Carol to study physics.

15. Carol studying physics.

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Correct answers:

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