Make vs Do Difference 4

Fill in the blanks with do or make in the correct form. Separate answers with a comma and a space as needed.

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1. I enjoy ---- the crossword in The Guardian.

2. It's not a good idea to ---- an enemy of Clare.

3. We had better start ---- preparations for the christening.

4. Pete ---- a great deal of damage already.

5. It's your turn to ---- the washing up tonight.

6. The boy promised to ---- his best in the test.

7. She ---- her exercises every morning before work.

8. Pat doesn't appreciate ---- a fool of.

9. I ---- friends with some people from Germany while I was traveling to Budapest.

10. They find it difficult ---- ends meet.

11. Mum has promised to ---- a cake for the party.

12. A man phoned earlier to ---- an appointment.

13. He asked me what I ---- for a living.

14. Our neighbours are always ---- noise.

15. Can't you at least ---- an effort?

16. It appears that she ---- a fortune when she was living in Japan.

17. Tom enjoys ---- furniture.

18. You should use dry wood to ---- a fire.

19. The tie he 's wearing really ---- a difference. He looks more professional now.

20. Did you hear that Brian ---- the soccer team? He's going to be the goalie.

21. Don ---- it to Dallas in four hours.

22. He ---- good time in his new car.

23. He got to the airport in time to ---- his flight.

24. Alice ---- 100 on the math test.

25. Lou ---- captain last month.

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